A complete infrastructure project such as this is most applicable as part of a Defense, Internal Security or Head of State solution, where a fully operational Strategic Communications capability is able not only to significantly destabilize the enemy, but often prevents a conflict from ever happening in the first place. Information Operations were responsible for persuading 44 percent of the Iraqi forces (87,000 soldiers) to surrender in Desert Storm, making it the most powerful weapon used in that conflict.

The Operation Center (OpCenter) set-up allows the Client to independently manage strategic communications, scenario planning and strategic support units. For security reasons some countries prefer that the training is completed as fast as possible so that the center can be staffed only with local personnel. In other countries they prefer to hold on to the expert consultants for as long as is necessary to achieve a high level of proficiency. Either option is workable.

An Operations Center can be made up of many different custom modules. Any of the following may be incorporated:

  • Media capture and analysis
  • Concept development
  • Secure communications
  • Target audience archive filtering
  • Recruitment and training
  • Target audience issue analysis
  • Command interface
  • Scenario planning team
  • Archive and recall systems
  • Cultural alignment unit
  • Radio production
  • Redundancy unit evaluation and MOE unit
  • Radio transmission
  • Media management unit
  • Strategic campaign planning
  • TV production
  • Word-of-mouth unit
  • Risk analysis unit
  • TV transmission and communication planning unit
  • Print production
  • Message development
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Channel management
  • Forward command/tactical
  • Environment development
  • Administration/management

Using the combined skills of each of these units, it is possible to maintain a far higher degree of control over the critical audiences of the client country.

These audiences could range from hostile enemies, insurgent groups or terrorist organizations to foreign workers, national associations or citizens in general. In all cases, a better understanding of the motivations, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and allegiances of any of the critical audience groups will enable the government to better manage the relationships.

In a typical case, MSG Defense consultants would initially staff the Operation Center. They would run intensive training programs, so that the facility could be handed over within 18-24 months.

This type of influence facility is becoming essential for governments to be able to manage foreign relations, defense and national cultural projects by opening up a whole new range of techniques for influence without resorting to force.

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