US Director of Central Intelligence: Unauthorized Disclosures, Security Violations, and Other Compromises of Intelligence Information

October 10, 2018 | Dawid Wiktor

The US Director of Central Intelligence Directive 6/8 (of 2002) is an example of how American intelligence has opted for "aggressive" measures to combat leakage, which - as the directive says twice - will not be "tolerated".

The document contains information that the Intelligence Community was obliged to implement internal mechanisms so that access to intelligence information would be restricted to only authorized persons. This mechanism also introduced an obligation to immediately inform authorized persons about information leaks, security breaches. The directive provides for penalties for unintentional disclosure of classified information - a written warning, a financial penalty, termination of employment, refusal of access to other information. In the case of deliberate disclosure of information, e.g. to journalists, the directive assumes that these acts "will not be tolerated".