MSG Blockchain

Unlock your blockchain’s potential.

Why MSG Blockchain?

We believe in the decentralization of information and systems. Blockchain provides a platform for, automation, consistency and transparency that is poised to disrupt many industries traditionally controlled by a central authority. We are now seeing an exciting world of token-powered transactions which eliminate the need for trust across borders and continents.

Media Scope Group is a data-driven marketing agency of data scientists, psychologists, creatives and digital media experts. We influence consumers by understanding their needs and wants, and can help shape their relationship with your brand.

We recognise that marketing a token ecosystem creation (sometimes called an ICO) is radically different to traditional PR and marketing, and we have the experience to help our clients navigate this dynamic new environment.

Key Services

Audience Research

Profile and segment potential investors, influencers and end-product users. Determine how to best engage with these groups to drive token sales, build communities and gain market share.


Decentralized system architecture, token economics, authoring smart contracts. Whitepaper review and development. Advice on selecting legal jurisdictions.

Branding & ICO Collateral

Build a brand that engages with your target audience, develop materials to engage with your community and distil your white paper into a web presence that effectively converts supporters into token holders.

Full-Stack Marketing Campaigns

Nurture the communities who will drive your project to success through earned media, meet-ups and multilingual, cross-channel paid media.

Who Uses MSG Blockchain?

Token Ecosystem Launches

We help exciting new ventures find the funds they need to catalyze their business. For token ecosystem launches and cryptocurrencies, this means building communities via meetups, events, earned media and multi-channel advertising.

Cryptocurrency services

We work with wallet providers, exchanges and other token services on their positioning, identity and user acquisition. Across all digital touchpoints, we educate, engage and convert prospective users.

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