MSG Advantage

We Influence Consumer Behavior

We measurably improve your brand’s marketing effectiveness by influencing consumer behavior through a unique approach that blends predictive analytics, behavioral sciences, and data-driven ad tech.

End-To-End Solution

Actionable Insights

We have up to 40 000 data points on individual consumers. By combining these data assets with your own customer data as well as a proprietary research instrument, we build custom target audiences, which enable us to engage, persuade, and motivate individuals to act.

Understanding Behavior

We use peer reviewed and proprietary models of behavior, such as the OCEAN and HEXACO scales of personality, to understand the nuances of customers and their decision-making. This insight allows us to create individually tailored messaging that engages individuals based on their unique psychological profiles.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our global team have over 30 years’ experience in research, data analytics, strategic and behavioral change communications. Our global team of researchers, data scientists, psychologists, designers, filmmakers and digital marketing experts provide a holistic approach to exceeding your marketing goals.

Efficiency and Transparency

We do not hide our margins in CPM rates; our data-driven insights enable you to focus investment on your best customers. We supply you with real-time reporting dashboards allowing you to see the true ROI of your campaigns.

What Can We Do for You

Our data-driven insights give you the tools needed to cut through a crowded advertising landscape and speak directly to individual customers. We produce advertising that effectively influences behavior change.

Visuals, copy, and positioning are optimized to work specifically with each unique behavioral profile. Our digital and TV teams then execute highly targeted campaigns that connect with consumers exactly where they are – in front of the television and online.

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