Media Scope Group is a fast growing science-driven communications company that can help you better reach and understand audiences. Our company combines data analytics, behavioral psychology and cutting edge individually addressable advertising technology to run an end-to-end campaign.

Market research

We review your existing customer knowledge base and conduct custom research projects tailored to your specific needs. Through quantitative, qualitative research techniques, behavioral sciences and our proven methodologies, we can better profile and understand your audiences.

Smart Data Integration & Modelling

All data sources are combined to provide a rich, holistic view of individual’s personality and behavior. The data assets are used to find and persuade your audiences quickly and effectively. This is the starting point point for customer acquisition, engagement, persuasion and brand recognition.

Psychographic Analysis & Audience Insight

We profile and segment audiences into population segments grouped by behavioral similarities using predictive analytics powered by artificial intelligence, behavioral science and proven methodologies to create informed forecasts of future behavior. We segment audiences to create targetable groups of similar individuals.

This service lets you deliver highly targeted content and experiences to persuadable customers and prospects.

Targeted Advertising

We leverage many platforms to deliver messaging and to reach your customers wherever they are. We are able to create and place digital and TV ads to bring you closer to the audiences. The visuals and language are crafted to engage audiences emotionally and impactfully.