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Big Data Polling: Greater scale, better decisions

Political certainties have never been more uncertain. Small sample sizes routinely underrepresented significant segments of the electorate and conventional polls often fail to deliver insights.

Certainty requires scale. With a top-level view we forecast shifts early and accurately.

Giving you the advantage.

The only way of reducing the statistical margin of error on a poll is to increase the sample size.

The chart below shows the statistical margin of error found in most public polls you will see online, in newspapers or on TV. These polls have a typical sample size of around 1 000 respondents, this commonly produces a statistical margin of error of around +/- 5%. As you can see from the chart MSG Big Data Polling polls have a significantly smaller statistical margin of error and this gives you greater confidence when predicting large scale political events.

Our research is designed for your needs.

Whether investigating an issue on the national or state level or identifying trends in a population segment, we tailor our work to your business and your customers.

If you have your own customer database, or segments of the population previously identified, we can use this information to find new audiences. We match your data to our database and utilize our proprietary psychographic and behavioral profiling to target people more effectively.