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We are behavior change agency

We measurably improve your brand’s marketing effectiveness, conversions and growth by influencing consumer behavior through a unique approach that blends predictive analytics, behavioral sciences and data-driven advertising technologies.

We change behavior

Drive measurable and lasting behavior change by creating efficient, cost effective and truly personal engagement strategies without wasting money on adverts people might not see, offers they won’t use, or marketing campaigns that turn them off when you want to turn them on.

Predictive data analytics searches big data sets to find your target audience. Psychographic profiling tells you everything you need to know about the customers you already have and the ones you want. Our behavioral communication services, including behavioral microtargeting, puts you and your marketing campaign in front of the right person at the right time.

By combining these three powerful tools Media Scope Group helps you convert new customers, build long-term relationships and turn loyalty into passion.

We turn big data into smart data

Big data is only useful if you can spot the patterns deep within it that reveal the true make up of your customers. We combine predictive data analytics with pioneering research in psychographic profiling to create unparalleled insight into your customers’ personalities and behavior.

Are your customers more interested in new products or old favorites? Do they respond better to a hard of soft sell? By knowing how your customers think and behave you can tailor your products and marketing to appeal directly to them through behavioral communication, creating better connections while saving you time and money.

We predict the future

In today’s crowded market, knowing who you are and what you want to sell is only half the battle. Cutting through the noise and connecting with customers is crucial for every brand, big or small, established or new.

Media Scope Group uses behavioral sciences combined with predictive analytics to create psychological and data-driven insight to help you put your customers first. By understanding what they want and how they think, you can create products and services that anticipate their needs today and tomorrow, and make sure that they’ll hear, see and engage with your brand when you want them too.

We bring companies and customers closer together

We help you build better relationships with your customers by understanding why they behave the way they do and predicting how they will behave in the future. Our expertise in data analytics, psychology and behavioral influence creates unique insights and communication strategies that deliver measurable and lasting change.

We go beyond psychographics

Predictive data analytics show you where your current and future customers are, and advanced psychographic profiling reveals the core personality traits that drive their behavior. By combining these we create unique insights that become actionable through behavioral communication at the individual level – the ability to deliver messages and marketing campaigns designed to appeal specifically to individual customers. The result is more meaningful engagement, increased return on investment, and long, happy relationships.

We are giving you the competitive advantage

Our data-driven insights give you the tools needed to cut through a crowded advertising landscape and speak directly to individual customers. We produce advertising that effectively influences behavior change.

Visuals, copy, and positioning are optimized to work specifically with each unique behavioral profile. Our digital and TV teams then execute highly targeted campaigns that connect with consumers exactly where they are – in front of the television and online.

Let our behavior change campaign achieve your goals!