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Behavior change campaign in Poland that persuaded the largest political party

An end-to-end behavior change campaign that broke the deadlock and solved the largest political crisis in Poland

Media Scope Group conducted a highly persuasive campaign based on behavioral communication that convinced the largest political party in the Polish parliament to change the date of the presidential election in Poland.

By combining available data with behavioral analysis, the use of psychographic profiling and personality models combined with predictive analysis, Media Scope Group conducted the most effective behavior change campaign in Poland, resolving the political crisis and breaking the deadlock.

Data Science, Research & Behavioral Communication

Media Scope Group conducted extensive research, analyzing millions of data points, monitoring the progress of the campaign in real time and adapting the behavior change campaign on a regular basis thanks to research results.

Millions of data models have been created due to the use of research and scientific methodologies that form the backbone of the winning campaigns conducted so far by Media Scope Group. Data models in combination with predictive analysis allowed not only to determine the personality of politicians and their current behavior, but also to predict behavior. Thanks to this, Media Scope Group had information that allowed it to customize behavioral communication to ensure maximum effectiveness of the behavior change campaign.


Media Scope Group’s work has helped break the deadlock and solve one of the largest and most controversial political crises in Poland.

We have achieved tremendous success and proved that Media Scope Group’s methodologies and technologies are able to quickly lead to a highly effective behavior change campaign.

The results of the work of Media Scope Group prove that behavioral communication based on our methodologies is the future of communication. Applied in the commercial, social and political sectors, our solutions can be a breakthrough tool to dramatically increase the effectiveness of data-driven and science-driven campaigns.

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