Media Scope Group is the leader in behavioral and data-driven communications.

Behavioral analysis, advanced data analytics, big data and psychographics are breaking down traditional audience blocks into their constituent parts: individual people.

Media Scope Group is the leading behavior change and data-driven communications firm. We work across the global commercial, political, social and defense sectors. Media Scope Group offers bespoke data modeling and psychographic target audience analysis to identify and engage with people to change their behavior and move them to action.


Dawid Wiktor – Chief Executive Officer
Dawid is the Chairman and CEO of Media Scope Group, an Estonian-based data analytics, behavioral communications and consulting firm he founded in 2018. Prior to Media Scope Group, Dawid was Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Inspire, a venture focused on emerging technologies and research, and an independent consultant that worked on many projects. He also worked as an analyst and journalist, and served as an advisor in the Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs.

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Dr. Kristin Hanke – Director of Research
Kristin is the Director of Research at Media Scope Group. She is also a Board Member of Inspire and Director of Programme Development at Inspire's Research Unit. Prior to Media Scope Group, Kristin was an independent researcher and data specialist in several financial institutions.

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Ignacy Brees – Managing Director of MSG Social
Ignacy is the Managing Director of the Media Scope Group's Social division. He served in Media Scope Group as a Head of Media and Editor-in-Chief of Alternatywa. Ignacy was a Co-founder and Communication Coordinator of Student's Strike and Media Communication Advisor in a number of youth, grassroots initiatives. He also worked in three political parties in Poland and Germany. He has been granted the prestigious “25 under 25” award by Forbes and McKinsey & Company.

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Patryk Jaworski – Chief Technology Officer
Patryk is the Chief Technology Officer of Media Scope Group. Prior to Media Scope Group, Patryk was a developer that worked on many projects, including mobile technologies, operating systems and embedded systems.

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