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About our first online magazine Alternatywa

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Alternatywa (The Alternative) is an online magazine created by young, energetic, talented people who face new challenges and topics. In our editorial team, we have award-winning activists, journalists, startup founders, high school and college students, enthusiasts of various fields.

From the very beginning, we have been actively developing our magazine, as evidenced by the regularity of publishing materials, as well as the active community gathered around the portal. On Facebook, in addition to the functioning website, we initiated the creation of a discussion group on philosophical, political and economic topics.

In February, the Tygodnik Ekonomiczny (Economic Weekly) was launched. It is an electronic publication of Alternatywa presenting the most important macroeconomic information of the week.

The original, high-quality content presented on our website is delivered to a wide audience every day. We undertake all topics, even those that are avoided in the media in Poland because we believe that the public should be well informed.

Alternatywa is a place of free discussion and exchange of opinions, which is also demonstrated by our Opinions department, which is an open platform that allows anyone to actively comment on events in Poland and around the world, share views on any topic.

We believe that pluralism of views is extremely important. That is why we want to develop a place where opinions of different people will appear, not only our editors but also all those who want to be able to express and comment on current events freely.

Our portal is also a place open to social organizations and grassroots initiatives. We are currently cooperating with the initiative Stowarzyszenie Umarłych Statutów and the students’ union Youth Freedom League. We also support the international humanitarian and educational project Face to Face With the World.


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